Acquisition Partners of America

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Helping Your Organization Reach its Goals

Acquisition Partners of America, LLC (APA) has emerged as a preeminent grant development firm serving municipalities, schools districts and businesses in California. Our team prides itself on providing highly professional and personal grant consulting services, based on a philosophy of transparency and accountability in all of our service delivery.


Understanding Your Needs
Our services begin with an in-depth and thorough understanding of your city’s needs, program priorities and organizational structure.

Building Your Pipeline
Working closely with your designated staff, APA will, over time, send you an increasing number of agency and foundation funding opportunities for your review. In this dynamic process APA researches new opportunities for your consideration and creates and submits grant proposals to enhance your identified programs and projects.


Your Return-on-Investment
APA insures accountability for our program and results through transparency. Measuring success is the easiest part of our program - what is your ROI? For every dollar that is spent by the client, you should expect a substantially larger rate of return in funding from awarded grant applications.