Acquisition Partners of America

About Us

Achieving Your Organization's Goals

Since our founding in 2010, Acquisition Partners of America, LLC (APA) has emerged as a preeminent grant development firm serving municipalities, schools districts and businesses in California. Our team prides itself on providing highly professional and personal grant consulting services, based on a philosophy of transparency and accountability in all of our service delivery.

APA is a proactive, performance‐based company. We study and learn quickly about our client's needs, strengths, and aspirations to enhance our ability to research and deliver appropriate funding opportunities. We keep a vigilant watch for competitive funding that meets your needs and to build on your strength. We access all levels of State, Federal, and Foundation funding in our quest to link your needs and funding accessibility. We maintain an alert watch on emerging legislative initiatives and actions that represent future funding opportunities for our clients. Finally, we always report accurately and openly on our process and results, to grow strong and long term client relationships.

Our clients benefit from APA’s grant writing services because we deliver a steady return on investment through a revenue ‘pipeline’. The measurable ROI that our clients receive allows them to greater fulfill their mission whether it is educating children or providing a safe and engaging community for residents. For every dollar that you spend, you should expect a substantially larger rate of return in grant fund.

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