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California cities are facing growing demands for new and expanded services in the midst of increasing State and Federal mandates and requirements. Meeting those needs places a growing demand on limited core funds and increased demand for new and competitive grant dollars. APA is dedicated to providing cities with a program of revenue enhancement through targeted grant development. Our successful approach is designed around transparency and accountability, and measured by the return on investment (ROI) - for each and every client.

Our services begin with an in-depth and thorough understanding of your City’s needs, program priorities and organizational structure. That knowledge and our superior research and development team will then develop that revenue pipeline that helps you meet those needs. This is a dynamic process. Working closely with your designated staff, APA will research new opportunities for your consideration, then create and submit grant proposals to enhance your identified programs and projects.

We are excited to begin working for you and believe we can produce results that will exceed your expectations. If you are ready to engage us in this partnership, please contact us. Your City can also enjoy the benefits of the APA approach to new revenue generation.

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